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Jiang Su Shengtai Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. (Order Information)
1 Flange Name: PL flat welding flange, SO with neck flat welding flange, WN weld neck flange, BL flange
2 flange manufacturing standards:
China: HG5010-58, HG20593-97, HG20594-97, HG20595-97, HG20601-97
HG20616-97, HG20617-97, GB9119-2000, GB9123-2000, GB9115-2000
American Standard: ANSI-B16.5
Japanese standard: JISB2220-2004
3, Material: 304,304 L, 321, TP316L, 316L
4 Flange diameter: DN10-DN3000
5 Nominal pressure:
China: 6Kg, 10Kg, 16Kg, 25Kg, 40Kg, 64Kg, 100Kg
American Standard: 150Lb, 300Lb, 600Lb, 900Lb
JIS: 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K
6 non-standard custom: If a non-standard products must provide drawings and detailed size requirements
7 Typing Requirements: Negotiate clear
8 delivery time: Negotiate clear
9 Package: Negotiate clear
10 logistics approach: Negotiate clear
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