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Change the mode of thinking :
Companies face in the 21st century explosive movements , we must first change the mode of thinking. Enterprise development and application of advanced manufacturing technology related to organizational change , information infrastructure construction, the purchase of advanced equipment , but the most important is the concept of entrepreneurs and update all employees and thinking patterns.
Cut into education and training
Innovation , technological innovation is essentially dependent on human innovation , so the incentive for people , education and training is the primary active activities . Entrepreneur of employees to learn to do two things: 1 ) navigation, clear direction for employees , planning vision ; 2 ) authorize incentives to make employees feel the work meaningful , so that employees in the enterprise can learn something new , so that employees in harmonious environment, the work exciting .
Improving product design capability
Products began to weak capacity , design force behind the competitiveness of enterprises an important crux of the problem is not high , but also the current business needs of advanced manufacturing technology first , to develop the design and application of CAD and other modern technology , enterprise urgent task.
Change is a breakthrough in production mode
Technical, organizational , information and human organic integration of advanced manufacturing technology differs from traditional manufacturing technology is an important feature . Advanced equipment , advanced technology can use in business success depends largely on whether to adopt the corresponding enterprise , the new mode of production, organization and management methods . Backward than in our management equipment, backward technology more seriously , in this sense, the mode of production, organization and management of the update technology and equipment innovation than more recent cut .
High-tech industries and traditional industries and high technology both
Development of high-tech and product market potential and accelerate their transformation to form a new economic growth point, is the company's one important technology choice ; the other hand, through the application of advanced manufacturing technology to transform traditional equipment, so old-fashioned plant New Look , and thus achieve industrial l have , is also an important technology choices.
Implementation of the " frog " development strategy
Chinese enterprises to reduce or even eliminate the gap with foreign competitors , not always followed crawling, this can only further increase the gap. Bold and visionary entrepreneurs in developing countries to take full advantage of the " latecomer effect " through the vigorous application of advanced technology , enabling businesses to leapfrog stages of development , access to leap forward , which we call " frog "strategy.

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