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Selection valve to note   10-11-2013
Ball valve type selection ( 1) determine the nominal pressure, not with Pmax set to PN, but by temperature, pressure, material from the table to find the three conditions corresponding to the PN an...[More]
Manufacture of forged flanges 10-11-2013
Forged Flanges: Flanges are manufactured from stainless steel material, first put on the bed of the ingot to be much material on how much, and then placed in the oven...[More]
304 stainless steel flanges 10-11-2013
Our products features, with no outside light spruce defects, material do provide written assurance report analyzes the material...[More]
Flange common sense 10-11-2013
First, what is loose flanges, loose flanges used in any place and in what tube? Loose flanges that can be active flange, generally supporting the drainage accessories (expansion joint is the most com...[More]
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